About Us

Welcome to Eyes for Freedom’s website. This is our way of sharing with you and fellow puppy raisers some of the latest adventures and information regarding our pups.

We are volunteer puppy raisers  for Guide Dogs for the Blind Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization in San Rafael, CA and Boring, OR. We are families, students, working and retired adults from a variety of backgrounds with one common passion. We love dogs and the unique relationship between dog and man. …Because of this we go an extra mile by raising these pups with the goal of assisting a person who is visually impaired.

With the help of a training manual, a club leader and contact with Guide Dogs for the Blind’s staff we work together and share experiences in the art of raising happy, healthy, well mannered dogs.

If you share our passion and don’t mind a few sleepless nights or the never ending poop patrol perhaps you too can share a year of your time & patience developing the skills and confidence in a puppy that will prepare it for the amazing job of partnering with a blind person to travel safely and independently through their world.