Aceptable Play

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Acceptable Types of Play

  • Tug games with one person or hide-and-seek games with two people (See game procedures in 3: Caring for

your puppy section. Please use the proper methods of playing these games).

  • “Hanging out” together
  • Stroking the puppy
  • Placing a Nylabone or Kong on the floor for limited periods of chewing
  • Supervised gentle play outside with other dogs
  • Supervised swimming within a fenced area or on leash
  • Walks on leash

Unacceptable Types of Play

  • Retrieving or fetch with any kind of toy or object — anytime or anywhere
  • Pushing, shoving, wrestling or any form of rough-housing
  • Keep away, tag or other forms of chase games
  • Tug games with other pets
  • Rough play with other pets
  • Running through the house
  • Swinging your puppy off the ground while playing tug games (helicopter dog)

• Play that includes growling with hackling (lifting of hair along the backbone and shoulders