Clipping Puppies

We clip the largest, healthiest pups, in their color, first .
Assign Stillborns no matter their size the last clip for their color and sex.
Labrador color order is:  black, yellows, then chocolates. (including stillborns)
Black and tans and Brindles are clipped as blacks.
Below is an example of a complicated clip order showing how it works in Labrador Retrievers.
The Dog whelped:  A TOTAL OF 5M  6F
1BM, 2YM + 1YM stillborn, 1CM,   1BF + 1BF stillborn, 3YF, 1Black&TanF.
RSM black 490g RSF black (or black and tan) 500g
LSM yellow 540g LSF black and tan (or black) 500g
RHM yellow 480g RHF black  stillborn 520g
LHM yellow – stillborn 490g LHF yellow 530g
DSM chocolate 540g DSF yellow 450g
DHF yellow350g
Complete clip order (gives us enough clips for 13 boys and 13 girls)
RS Right Shoulder
LS Left Shoulder
RH Right Hip
LH Left Hip
DS Double Shoulder
DH Double Hip
RSRH Right Shoulder Right Hip
LSLH Left shoulder left hip
DSRH Double shoulder right hip
DSLH Double shoulder left hip
RSDH Right shoulder double hip
LSDH Left shoulder double hip
DSDH Double shoulder double hip