My Guide Dog Puppy Can Do That!


  • Each “contestant” receives score cards, three total, one for each level of tasks. Score cards will be printed on card stock and placed on a string so it can be worn around the raiser’s neck to keep track of it.  Each level’s card will be printed on different colored paper. Green for beginner, Yellow for intermediate and Red for advanced.


  • Contestants compete against themselves to complete each task. The puppy is the real contestant, if the raisers wish to trade off handlers, that is fine.


  • For each task completed, the contestant receives a punch in the appropriate spot on the appropriate score card.


  • For tasks not successfully completed, the contestant may return (go to the end of the line) to compete again to complete their cards. No limit on returns trips, except if pup is stressed out!


  • A contestant does not have to complete one card before they can try the next level. If they think they can do it, they are welcome to try.

Supplies needed:Tug toy, ball, stuffed toy, food
Long line
Mark ground at 3, 6 & 10 ft
3 different hole punches
Posters with printed tasks
Score cards

1.          Have the puppy stand and stay in position for 10 seconds. (handler may touch pup to position it, however the pup must stay without the handler touching it)Limit of reposition pup 2 times
2.         With someone else holding puppy, have the puppy come from the end of leash.
3.         Have the puppy down from a stand.
4.         Have the puppy sit and stay for 10  seconds.
5.         Have the puppy down and stay for 10 seconds.
6.         The puppy has to walk with the handler for 10 seconds while the handler has a toy in their hand.(puppy to leave toy alone)
 7.         With a toy on the ground, the puppy has to walk past the toy, on a loose lead, without grabbing it.
8.         From 3 feet away, have puppy sit and then down.(limit 45 seconds)
9.         From 10 feet away, have puppy sit.(limit 30 seconds)
10.        The puppy and handler walk around another person on a loose lead.

1.          With your back to the puppy, have the puppy sit.(limit 30 seconds)
2.         Have puppy sit and stay while the handler makes two complete circles around pup.
3.         Have the puppy sit and stay while the handler walks 6 feet away from puppy, pauses then returns.
4.         The puppy has to leave a toy alone while handler plays with it for 10 seconds.
5.         The handler plays with a toy with the puppy and the puppy must stop or release the toy when the handlers says “that’s enough”.
6.         With your back to the puppy, have the puppy come from the end of the lead.
7.         Have the puppy sit and wait while handler crawls 6 feet away and then back to puppy.
8.         Have the puppy down with handler’s back to them.
9.         Have the puppy sit, down, sit without touching the puppy.
10.        Have the puppy sit and stand without touching the puppy.


  1. The puppy needs to sit and stay for 10 seconds while the handler rolls a ball past it.
    2.         The puppy needs to sit and stay while a person walks by them with a toy visibly in their hand.
    3.         The puppy has to sit and stay while food is tossed on the ground near by.
    4.         Have the puppy sit, down, sit, down, sit,without the handler touching it.(one minute limit)
    5.         Have the puppy sit and stay by the handler for 15 seconds while someone greets the dog, without touching it.
    6.         The puppy must sit and stay by the handler while another person makes a circle of food around the pair, then the handler walks the puppy out of the circle.
    7.         Have a toy on the floor and have the puppy lay down next to it without touching it.
    8.         Have the puppy stand, down then sit.
    9.         Have a toy on ground and have the puppy come to the handler without grabbing toy.
    10.        The handler kneels on the ground and places the puppy in a layover on it’s side without speaking to it.(the dog must do so without struggling, 60 second limit)