Preparing for the Heat

Training Tip of the Week:

It’s summertime.  Please make sure your puppy has plenty of water.  If you have a young puppy you may not be able to put the water bowl down without them climbing in, turning the bowl over or tanking up but eventually you should be able to leave water down so that they can have water anytime they want.  Here’s an ebark that went out a couple of years ago.  It has a  water schedule that works for the puppies.  Have fun and remember no guide dog puppy should ever be left in a vehicle even when the weather is cool.

Also, regarding dog booties.  We are not recommending that raisers use dog booties.  If the raiser needs to put booties on the dog then it is too hot to socialize the puppy.  Try to socialize earlier in the morning or when it is cooler in the evening.  If you need to take a puppy out in summer heat quickly unload and get from the car to a shaded area as fast as possible keeping the puppy moving will keep the pads from burning.  Put the puppy jacket on while the dog is still in the vehicle or put it on once you are to a shaded area so the puppy doesn’t have to stand on hot pavement while you’re fussing with the jacket.

The Heat is On

Summer is here and it is time to re-acquaint ourselves with the precautions we need to take with our pets when the weather heats up.  Please read this message carefully and keep your pup safe and cool this summer!


When driving:

Do not leave your dog in the car, even if it’s “just for a couple of minutes.” The interior of a car heats very quickly even with the windows left open a crack for air.  Remember, if your puppy is riding in the back of the vehicle, and you don’t have rear air conditioning, he may be a lot warmer than you are.


When outside:

  • Make sure that your dog has shade and plenty of water.  If he is going to be left outside for more than a short time, remember that the sun (and so the shade) moves.  Make sure he is adequately protected.
  • Summer is a great time for gardening and all that it entails: compost, fertilizer, snail and pest repellent.  Our dogs may find these items very tempting; always supervise your puppy closely when she is outside with you and items such as these are at hand.  These things should be removed from the area or your dog restricted from getting into them.
  • Remember to check your dog for fleas and ticks.  In areas with serious infestations of these pests, you may need to apply Advantage and/or Frontline more frequently.


Give your puppy plenty of water!  Your puppy cannot tell you when he is thirsty, so it is up to you to ensure that he gets enough to drink.  The following are some basic guidelines for the amount of water your puppy needs to drink each day:

  • A 15 pound dog needs a minimum of two cups of water per day
  • A 30 pound dog needs a minimum of four cups of water per day
  • A 45 pound dog needs a minimum of six cups of water per day
  • A 60 pound dog needs a minimum of eight cups of water per day


As you know, every dog is different, so remember that the above guidelines are not strict rules, but general suggestions.  Make sure to offer your dog water throughout the day, and more often when the temperature is high.

We know there may be concerns about relieving accidents, especially with younger puppies.  However, puppies need to stay hydrated so remember to give your pup a relieving break that is well timed for any outing you may have planned.  In addition, it is best to keep your outings brief in hot weather.  This will keep you and your dog more comfortable and help avoid dehydration.  As always, consult with your club leader and Community Field Representative if you have any questions.

Have a great summer and we hope to see you at Fun Day!